Do You have a new hall and need to arrange machinery?

Using 3D modelling and subsequent 3D projection we will design what your hall will look like and what possible technologies will look like prior to your producing or purchasing them. You will see for yourself whether your plans are realistic and economical. You will eliminate possible future costs caused by faulty 2D planning.

A secure production process follows from an efficient design of the production layout. You need to answer the following questions:

  • It is beneficial for the workplace to be organized into lines?
  • It is better to organize the workplace according to the type of production (e.g., machining, welding, etc.)?
  • Do handling routes have sufficient capacity?
  • Is the production space used effectively?
  • Does the facility have sufficient capacity?
  • Can the production system handle an increase in volume of production or modification to the production program?

You will find answers to these questions in the layout design, in which a 2D and 3D drawing versions are created. These can be altered easily to search for the most suitable version of the production layout.

We will design a lean layout for you

An incorrect layout design will result in disorganized and excess material flows with unnecessary movement of staff and wasting floor space.

These errors lead to an increase and growth of total production costs. The main objective of the lean layout, which we will prepare for you, is to identify the production system and determine its problematic areas while proposing effective measures to eliminate them.  An early elimination of these risks is possible thanks to the detailed 2D or 3D view of the production system we prepare in the beginning, without any intervention into the real production.

The objective is to create

  • Layout design providing flexible adaptation of the production to innovative and type changes
  • Economical production process
  • Clarity of the production process
  • Use of handling and automation means 

Establishment of working conditions in accordance with requirements of safety and hygiene.