Does your customer require cost reductions on your product?

Based on your technological procedures we will propose specific solutions how to save costs associated with the technological process of your production.

We will analyze your product, and its existing production. We will prepare a solution for you as how to start the manufacturing process to make it lean.  Then we will search for suitable places for the introduction of automation. We will focus on ineffective movements, wasted time and effort.

We will group technologically related operations into one unit and into one place, or we will deliver transfer enabling unattended flow of components.

Based on our study to optimize the workload of individual interstage cycles, we will deliver a facility to you - a line, or modify the existing production facilities so as to ensure accurate linking between individual production and assembly operations. We will set up everything so as to replace demanding and laborious tasks with single purpose machines and automation elements. These will lead to elimination of time delays and incompatibility of production operations.

We will update your existing production and increase performance through automation. At the same time, however, we will carry out these adjustments with regard to the cost recovery basis and lifetime of the project.