Assembly and production lines

Assembly and production lines make the entire assembly process more effective, making transparent the quality of the product and reducing extra work. Assembly or production lines are always made according to customer requirements, nature of the product and the required level of automation with regard to lifetime period of a project and financial resources available. A fully automatic assembly line, or with an optional number of operators. The assembly line is used to assemble sub-assemblies or assemblies and is manufactured in such a way as to meet all requirements on the product-nature of the assembly while ensuring the quality of the assembly and the financial viability-number of operators. The production lines are designed and constructed so as to provide the required production. The production line is always designed so as to provide the most economically advantageous way of manufacturing the product with an emphasis on quality and stability of production and to cover all customer requirements. At the heart of the production line is the design and use of optimal solution of production facilities with regard to the character of production, the price and the time demands of individual operations.

We design and supply assembly and production lines for a wide range of applications.

The range of automation level:

  • Set of manual workplaces with devices
  • Set of workplaces for semi automatic assembly with manual product transfer
  • Set of workplaces for semi automatic assembly with automated product transfer
  • Set of working stations for automatic assembly with automated product transfer
  • Robotized assembly

All of the above concepts can be equipped with 100% final check of functionality, completeness and specific product properties.

The concept is always chosen so as to observe the POKA-YOKE principle to the maximum extent.


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