Assembly Line for Drink Holder for Inotech

Modia designed and built production lines for its customer Inotech for assembly of drink holders. The assembly line is conceptually built for four operators with a 14- second cycle and is divided into several production zones, where following operations are carried out:

  • Semi-automatic pre-assemblies of individual technically easier sub-assemblies with the operator present

  • Pre-assemblies are fully robotic- these are parts with highest labour intensity and complicated components such as springs, pins, small plastic parts, slotted placements of components and mutual moulding-merging of all the parts in one subset.

Individual sub-assemblies are then transported to the next operators and workplaces by transfer, where final assembly of sub-assemblies takes place using coupling elements. Final assembled part is taken via pallet conveyor system to the zone of control stations.

Using camera and tensometric stations, the part is fully checked for function and completeness, as well as for parameters set by utility and service characteristics of this drink holder.

The last station is the description of the OK part with the set code.

The line is equipped with a centralized control system, whose function is not just to run the entire line in automatic mode, but also the complete identification of ongoing assemblies at individual workplaces, with a link to each of the assembled sets.

The result is then completely aggregated data, including camera images and measured values at the control stations that are linked with each identical set of drink holders.

Memory of the management software then makes it possible to trace at any time as to how, when and by whom a part was assembled, and what the result was.