Wall-mounted boiler assembly line for VIADRUS


For our customer Viadrus we became suppliers of a complete assembly line for the production and assembly of new generation wall-mounted boilers.  Modia was tasked with designing and constructing a line producing gas boilers of several types.

Based on input data, Modia designed and supplied:

  • One and all workplaces that are essential parts of the line
  • Microplan test bench, where a boiler’s family tree originates. It is a place where boilers receive their birth numbers.
  • Packaging station where boilers are packaged prior to reaching their potential customers
  • Handling technology, which fluently supplies individual workplaces
  • Designed and supplied a Kanban system to secure components on an assembly line
  • Designed and supplied assembly hydraulic cars for assembly of boilers
  • Supplied a complete facility for each assembly workplace including Bosch cordless tools and control torque wrenches with electronic data output
  • Created and supplied complete electronic technological instructions including an information system for each workplace with electronic visual representation for each mounted component
  • Supplied technology to create warehouse of finished products and input components
  • Supplied technology for leak testing of gas boilers
  • Supplied technology for sticking thermal and acoustic EPP insulation to the outer shell of ABS boiler.

Supplied unique semi-automatic technology for installation of EJOT® fastening elements into expanded polypropylene (EPP).